Anthropological Theory In Education

Anthropological Theory in Education The course examines central issues in anthropology and education, such as: Culture and personality, culture transmission and acquisition, classroom and school cultures and their linkage to the community, cultural differences and their impact on teaching and learning styles, learning in non-formal educational contexts and socialization throughout the life course.

Ethnographic Research In Education

Ethnographic Research in Education The course purports to expose students to the ethnographic research approach and its methodology in education, as well as the linkages of this approach to its disciplinary base in anthropology.. A variety of experiential tasks lead students through the formative stages of this research tradition.

Education In Multicultural Societies

Education in Multicultural Societies Prerequisite: Anthropological Theory in Education The course undertakes a comparative analysis of interrelational models among various population groups within formal and non-formal educational settings in multicultural societies.It explores their implications for educational policy, curriculum design, educational staff development, relations among socializing agents, as well as processes of acculturation in various educational environments